Gardman Homegrown Harvest 12.75kg

Gardman Homegrown Harvest Seed Mix is a wholesome blend of ingredients, sourced only from British farms. Packed with high quality ingredients, including suet as well as naked oats and black rapeseed, this carefully crafted food will help to keep bird populations thriving for generations to come.

Blended with all the natural ingredients our British birds love, Gardman Homegrown Harvest get’s birds to your table even quicker than ever before!

Our seed mix is locally sourced to reduce food miles, as well as to support our British farmers.

  • 100% from British farms
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • 90% of the wheat is sourced from within a 30 mile radius of our factory.
  • Homegrown Harvest Seed Mix Ingredients

    • Linseed from Lincolnshire
    • Canary Seed from all over UK
    • Naked Oats from Yorkshire
    • Kibbled Wheat from Yorkshire
    • UK Beef Tallow from Northern Ireland
    • White Millet from the South East of England
    • Kibbled Field Beans from Yorkshire
    • Pinhead Oatmeal from all over UK
    • Black Rapeseed from Yorkshire

    Sizes available

  • 12.75kg




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