Bucktons Pigeon conditioner 20 kg

Excellent all round formula that’s high in oil content and provides a balanced diet of wheats and grains. Improves muscle recovery after racing.

Product Features:

  • High in essential oils
  • Aniseed aroma attractive to birds
  • Also referred to as ‘Trapping mix’
  • Assists in moulting season


Wheat, Red Dari – Pigeon, White Dari, Naked Oats, Red Dari, Linseed, Safflower Seed, Mung Beans, White Rice, Black Rapeseed, Buckwheat, Aniseed Oil

Feeding Time:

All year round

Suitable for:

  • all year




An all year round mix which is high in essential oils. The strong aniseed aroma is attractive to birds so is often referred to as the “Trapping Mix”.


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