Bucktons No.1 Parrot Food 12.75 kg

These birds require much more attention, as they are highly intelligent and need plenty of stimulation. As you can train them to talk, their chattiness will be sure to keep you amused, and they’ll become a valued member of the family.

Product Features:

  • Traditional Blend
  • Suitable for a wide variety of Parrots
  • Includes a variety of ingredients to stimulate during feeding


Striped Sunflower Seeds, Whole Maize, Whole Oats, White Sunflower Seeds, Small Dark Striped Sunflower Seeds, Safflower Seeds, Redskin Peanuts, Black Sunflower Seeds, Mung Beans, Hempseed, Peanuts in Shell, Yellow Biscuit, Papaya, Banana Chips and Chillies.



A variety of ingredients have been included to ensure your Parrot is occupied and given the stimulation they require, making this a good mix for all types of Parrot species.


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