Bucktons Fruity Parrot Food With Spirulina 1.5 kg

These birds require much more attention, as they are highly intelligent and need plenty of stimulation. As you can train them to talk, their chattiness will be sure to keep you amused, and they’ll become a valued member of the family.

Product Features:

  • Enriched with Spiralife pellet
  • Includes a variety of ingredients for added interest
  • Provides a variety of shapes and textures for stimulation and enrichment
  • Re-sealable pack

This product contains Spiralife™


Red Maize, Spirulina Pellet, Red Dari, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Popcorn Maize, Oats, White Sunflower Seeds, Black Sunflower Seeds, Redskin Peanuts, Naked Oats, Buckwheat, White Pumpkin Seeds, Chillies, Extruded Wheat, Sultanas, Coloured Extruded Wheat, Banana Chips, Pineapple, Papaya and Pine Nuts.




This premium parrot mix includes a wide variety of ingredients for added interest and stimulation and is enriched with our Bucktons Spirulina pellets. Spirulina is the original super food and if nature were to make a multivitamin, Spirulina would be it! Our Bucktons Spirulina Vitamin Pellets have been carefully developed to enhance plumage, as well as support healthy immune and digestive functions, benefiting your birds overall health. The pellets are enriched with calcium and a variety of vitamins and minerals to help keep your bird happy and healthy. 


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